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Hands Like Houses - Introduced Species [x]

Requested by, Anonymous

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The “Reflection” series of older people looking at their younger selves in mirrors.

This is so beautiful

Oh my god this is amazing

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Emotional Health In Medical School


On the Outside

On the Inside

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Ain’t this the truth!

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When you break the sterile field over the surgical instruments



the scrub tech is like

Having boobs and a butt makes this so likely for me

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Traps for new vets


There are certain pearls of wisdom that you really want to hear before you have a chance to make these mistakes yourself. Note: This list is by no means exhaustive.

  • When expressing anal glands, do not stand directly behind the animal and do not talk. Keep your mouth shut, do not talk.
  • Always…
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A quick explanation of my workload so friends understand why I’m so antisocial lately

Average contact hours per week: 40 
No. Courses: 3 (one double)
Courses: disease, nutrition and neurology
No. Exams this semester: 11 (about 1 every fortnight + end sems
No. Assignments this semester: 6 
No. Quizzes this semester: 5 
No. Hours tutoring each week: 2 + 1 hr prep
No. Hours sleep each night: 6.5 
Km to walk this semester: 224
No. Weeks placement to do/organise this year: 10 weeks

So you can see I’m having a really tough time just getting through all the assessment, let alone understanding and remembering the content which is really difficult stuff.

Ofcourse I am not complaining, there is no where I would rather be than dying in this degree, but I thought this would help you guys understand why I’ll be a hermit in my room for most of the year.

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lift ya game, guys. 

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"Chemotherapy is wrong! it’s poison on your body! we should use natural remedies instead" - really. ok, um. Chemotherapy is an absolute bitch and it’s aggressive, but that’s the goal. Chemo saved my mum. It might’ve been painful and scarier than your ‘natural remedies’, but she’s still here. 

"Pharmacuitical companies are wrong, we should all just use natural remedies!" - ok. So yeah pharmies are mostly in it for the money. But you know what? I’m prepared to spend all the money if I KNOW that the medicine they give my dad will prevent another heart attack. If it’s proven under reasonable conditions, I will pay as much as you want as long as he sees his grandkids. 

"Drugs are wrong! we should all be using herbs and natural remedies, not dangerous chemicals!" right. fuck off. I’m going to go ahead and use the aspirin, which is about as ‘natural’ as you get, to simply block some pain receptors so I can get on with my fucking day. and also, EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS. 

I’m so sick of this bullshit. That chemicals are ‘bad’ and natural is ‘good’. Fucking hell everything is chemicals. You know the average banana has most of the ‘chemicals’ that you oppose in it. Just because it comes from a fucking tree doesn’t mean that it is safe and a ‘remedy’. Ever heard of friggen poison berries?! 

If you take an alternative medicine that may or may not work, and gives a placebo effect to help with pain or something and has little side effects, go ahead and use it. But don’t you dare start marketing this shit to cancer patients, giving them hope, or diluting fucking water for pet treatments when these things are not proven and in many cases do not CURE anything. Go get it proven PROPERLY under lab conditions and I’ll believe you.

You may ask, ‘what’s the harm of alternative medicine? let people believe what they want’. I’ll tell you what the problem is. Alternative medicine is a trend that is quickly growing, and with it, a revolt against highly educated doctors (why would you go to uni for 8+ years just to kill people?), and the acceptance of people with bullshit degrees in areas not proved to work, or worse, proven NOT to work. This distrust in qualified doctors has led to people seeking treatment for themselves and pets from unqualified people who offer hope in the form of unproven medicines, which can often have harmful side effects, and if not, they may actually do nothing to solve the problem. Generally, if they do work, they are not as effective as mainstream treatment. Why does this matter you ask? Because it leads to people not treating themselves or their pets properly, and often they end up very sick or dying because they didn’t get the effective treatment. 

As someone in the *actual* medical field I’m getting pretty pissed off with it. In areas where you’re just treating pain and a placebo is ok, then go for it I don’t care. But if there’s something like a tumor or something that nEEDS to be fixed, I cannot agree with it and will always defend mainstream medicine. This is my opinion and I am not forcing it on anyone, I’m just offering up some arguments that you may want to consider. This has been a rant. 

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Day 71: 233km!! I feel a lot fitter and healthier, and my muscles are raging ;)

It’s hard to make time to walk every night with uni, but it’s a good study break.

It’s easier to exercise here because the air is warm and humid so I actually haven’t needed to use my puffer yet- though I am still cautious.

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I got a job!

In this barron country town, it’s basically impossible to find a job, but after a year of applying everywhere I finally got one! 

It’s only for first semester, but I’ll be a first year biochemistry tutor starting next week! So keen. It’ll help me revise last years info and well as get some extra cash so I’m not such a parasite to my parents (I absolutely hate being their burden but don’t have much choice). 

so yeah… yay!

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I feel like I need a sign that says if you’re sick don’t even breathe near me because I’m immunosupressed and will get it 10x worse than you.

Ughhh first day of uni and I have no voice left